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Dangerous Marine Animals - Biology, Injuries & Medical Treatment

Dangerous Marine Animals - Biology, Injuries & Medical Treatment
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A concise booklet for swimmers, snorkelers, divers, marine biologists & students. A professional reference for medical doctors.

The booklet "Dangerous Marine Animals" has two aims:

- Providing information for medical doctors about the wide range of injuries which can be inflicted by marine organisms. Description of symptoms and recommendations for treatment are given.

- Swimmers, snorkelers and divers will find information about the biology of dangerous, venomous and poisonous marine animals. This knowledge helps to avoid contact with potentially harmful organisms.

Numerous underwater pictures show animals that can be harmful. Their preferred habitat and the type of potential risks are described in detail. In addition, different kinds of seafood poisoning are covered as well.

The booklet is small enough to be a helpful travelling companion for holiday makers, and it is voluminous enough to provide quick medical information in the case of emergency.

About the Authors

Reinhard Kikinger, PhD, Marine Biologist - Reinhard lectures at the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Vienna, and at the University of Applied Sciences IMC-Krems (Austria). In 1999, he developed and started a Bio Station on the Kuramathi Tourist Resort, Maldives. There he works six months a year as the senior marine biologist. The rest of the year he lecture and leads "Seawatching Excursions" in the Mediterranean Sea. His research interests include biodiversity and ecology or coral reefs, plankton communities and marine tourism. He published a number of scientific papers and films.

Jens Lindner, MD, Medical Doctor - Jens is specialized in anesthesiology, sports, emergency and diving medicine. Since 1996, he has been regularly handling dive accidents in the Maldives until he started spending 6-8 weeks annually at the Kuramathi Medical Center from 1999 onwards. After the tsunami catastrophy in 2004, he has joined a relief operation in the Maldives together with a medical team.

Verena Wiesbauer, MSc, Marine Biologist - Verena is specialized in artificial reefs and coral propagation. In 2007, she introduced marine biology to the luxurious Huvafen Fushi Resort in the Maldives and established a coral reef around the world's first underwater spa. She joined the environmental consulting firm Water Solutions as a marine biologist in 2009 where she concentrates on marine environmental assessment, artificial reefs and awareness programs.

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